Workshop program


Wednesday, May 14

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Registration

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Invited Speaker

Enrique Alba
Intelligent Systems for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM – 12:50 AM Session 1 : Chaired by Stefano Cagnoni

Stefano Pizzuti, Imran Khan, Alfonso Capozzoli, Fiorella Lauro and Stefano Corgnati
Building energy management through fault detection analysis using pattern recognition techniques applied on residual
neural networks

Matteo Borrotti, Debora Slanzi, Davide De March, Daniele Orlando, Silvio Giove and Irene Poli
Qualitative Particle Swarm Optimization (Q-PSO) for energy efficient building design

Fabio Mavelli, Giordano Rampioni, Luisa Damiano, Marco Messina, Livia Leoni and Pasquale Stano
One-way molecular communication between synthetic and natural cells: preliminary in silico modeling

Pasquale Stano, Florian Wodlei, Paolo Carrara, Sandra Ristori, Nadia Marchettini and Federico Rossi
Approaches to molecular communication between synthetic compartments based on encapsulated chemical oscillators

15:00 PM – 16:00 PM Invited Speaker

Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
The Infinity Computer and numerical computations with infinities and infinitesimals.

16:00 PM – 16:30 PM Coffee Break

16:30 PM – 17:50 PM Session 2 : Chaired by Marco Villani

Roberto Ugolotti and Stefano Cagnoni
Multi-Objective Parameter Tuning for PSO-based Point Cloud Localization

Alessandro Filisetti, Marco Villani, Andrea Roli, Marco Fiorucci, Irene Poli and Roberto Serra
On some properties of information theoretical measures for the study of complex systems

Marcelo Lacerda and Fernando B. De Lima Neto
A Multithreaded Implementation of the Fish School Search Algorithm

Giuseppe Filippone, Roberto Parise, Davide Spataro, Donato D'Ambrosio, Rocco Rongo and William Spataro
Evolutionary applications to Cellular Automata models for volcano risk mitigation

18:00 PM – 19:00 PM WIVACE Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 15

09:00 AM – 11:00 AM Session 3 : Chaired by Stefano Pizzuti

Nicolas Jakob and Carlos Andrés Peña
Living Emerging Worlds for Games

Delphine Nicolay, Andrea Roli and Timoteo Carletti
Learning multiple conflicting tasks with artificial evolution

Daniela Pacella, Onofrio Gigliotta and Orazio Miglino
Studying the Evolutionary Basis of Emotions through Adaptive Neuroagents. Preliminary settings and results

Alessandro Filisetti, Marco Villani, Chiara Damiani, Alex Graudenzi, Andrea Roli, Wim Hordijk and Roberto Serra
On RAF sets and autocatalytic cycles in random reaction networks

Anna Russo, Onofrio Gigliotta, Francesco Palumbo and Orazio Miglino
Introducing Interactive Evolutionary Computation in Data Clustering

Alex Graudenzi, Chiara Damiani, Andrea Paroni, Alessandro Filisetti, Marco Villani, Roberto Serra and Marco Antoniotti
Investigating the role of network topology and dynamical regimes on the dynamics of a cell differentiation model

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM – 12:30 AM Invited Speaker

Roberto Serra
Random Reaction Networks

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